Kristian grinds the spectacle lenses

Henri is fitting contact lenses in Annes eyes

Working process: We made a new part from materials we have in store to replace the important piece that had fallen off the frame and disappeared.

Working process: A pair of extra nosepads are sometimes needed to fit the frame properly on the nose. These pads are available with adjustable arms, like the ones above, or without.

We are here for You

We help you choose the most suiting frames and best lenses for you. We only trust in the best manufacturers of frames and lenses and always deliver as fast as possible. We will also service and repair your eyewear if needed.

These are some of the services we provide:

Eye exam and measuring of intraocular pressure 35€
Repair of eyeglasses 35€ - 120€
Fitting of Your lenses into new frames 70€ - 90€
Dry Eyes Proper Examination 65€
Fitting of soft contact lenses 60€
Retinal photography 20€
Retinal photography with dilated pupils 25€
Installing nosepads into plastic frames
Fitting of special contact lenses, e.g. keratoconus
A camera-system for selecting frames and
measuring and manufacturing tailor made lenses
Fitting of low vision assisting device
Fitting of eyewear for hobbies (golf, shooting,
orienteering etc.)
Fitting of special lenses such as computer glasses,
protective eyewear, dentist's loupe, etc.
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