Quality products as a basis for good vision

We only rely on the best frame, lens and contact lens manufacturers. Iris Optikko is Vaasa’s only privately owned optician store that doesn’t belong to a chain, and we are therefore free to choose which products we carry in our collections. Thanks to this, we have a much wider range of branded frames and sunglasses as well as contact lenses for all kinds of vision and cosmetic needs than the stores of big chains. However, if you do not find exactly the product you want in our warehouse, we will always do our best to get it for you.

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The frame brands we represent

We proudly represent the following brands of frames and sunglasses. The links take you to the manufacturers’ own pages.

Spectacle lenses

Each eye is unique and this we want to take into account. Our optometrists carefully select and measure the spectacle lenses that are right for You. There are no two identical pairs of eyes or lens solutions. With our Visioffice®3 device we measure Your eyes’ positions behind the spectacles and the way You use Your eyes, which means that with it we find out Your unique Eyecode™. These measured values can be used to order individually tailored spectacle lenses, such as Essilor’s Varilux® Xclusive 4D™ multifocal lenses. We mainly use Essilor spectacle lenses, but we also offer lenses from Hoya and Zeiss.

Our in-store stock of spectacle lenses includes Essilor’s Ormix 1.6® Crizal® Sapphire with limited prescription powers. The new lenses can be fitted into your frame in our own workshop, so with these ones, you may even get the glasses with you already during the eye examination visit. If you want to replace the lenses in your own frame, our own workshop allows you not to have to leave the frame with us for days, but the fitting is most likely possible while you wait, drinking a cup of coffee.

The spectacle lens manufacturers we represent

Dry eyes?

Dry eye is a common ailment that can impair visual acuity and cause a feeling of discomfort in the eyes. In recent years, we have invested a lot in studying dry eye care. We are able to assess the need and form of treatment in the Dry Eyes Proper Examination.

In addition to care products for dry eyes, there may sometimes be a need to clean the eyelids with the Blephex device. Read more about it in our Dry Eyes Proper Service description on this page.

We have many different products for dry eye care. A prerequisite for the well-being of the eyes is that the composition of the tear fluid is balanced. The tear fluid layers include a slimy musine layer, a liquid aqueous layer, and an anti-evaporation oily lipid layer. Dry eye symptoms can be caused by a problem in any layer. Once the cause of the problem has been investigated, it can be treated with the right products or treatments. There are many different products in the care products in addition to moisturizing drops. It is also important to choose the right type of humidification.

In addition to eye drops, liposome eye sprays, moisturizing gels and eye cleansers, we also sell Kuivan Silmän Omega (Dry Eye Omega), which contains sea buckthorn oil and blueberry extract, and which is ingested internally to help the body’s own important oil balance.

Contact lenses

We are a privately owned optician’s store belonging to no chains, so we are free to choose which contact lens manufacturer we want to represent. Most of the contact lenses we sell are made by CooperVision, but we always choose the lens option that best suits our individual customer, so our selection includes lenses from almost all other large contact lens manufacturers.

Brands of contact lenses that we carry