About us

Iris’ history

Iris Optikko was founded by Tuula Kamila and Tarja Laukka in Hartman’s house, on Kauppapuistikko 12 right by the city square of Vaasa. The store had its grand opening on July 1st, 2002 and has been on the same location since then. When Tuula retired on March 1, 2019, Henri Järvenpää took over as an entrepreneur together with Tarja Laukka. We have always wanted to offer the best possible vision correction methods for different needs.

An optometrist always present

Service at Iris optikko is always provided by an optometrist. You can easily trust in our competence because we have the highest amount of training points in this region. Iris optikko is Your local Vision Specialist, we are a part of Suomen Näköasiantuntijat Oy, which is a nationwide network of privately owned optical stores, founded by independent Finnish entrepreneurs who all focus on specialized know-how.

Iris optikko is a privately owned optical store, working with respect to traditional methods, with modern tools and a great heart. Our workshop for lens grinding and repairing frames guarantee fast delivery for any order. Doing business with us is easy. Welcome!

If you suspect having an eye disease, an inflammation or if your eyes have undergone surgery, please contact an ophthalmologist or a specialized eye doctor for help. In other cases, you are free to make an appointment with us.

Tarja Laukka, optometrist, entrepreneur, rights to fit contact lenses, rights to fit special work glasses, rights to use diagnostic drugs.

Tarja enjoys reading, going to the cinema, spending time with her grandson and doing yoga. She rides her bike to work and is a board member of Vaasan Yrittäjät. Tarja is Iris’ trash informationist.

“Sometimes is lovelier than always.”

Henri Järvenpää, optometrist, entrepreneur, rights to fit special work glasses, rights to fit contact lenses, rights to use diagnostic drugs.

Henri’s free time is devoted to sports. His favorite sports are tennis and football, but he likes all forms of exercise.

Kristian Isaksen, optometrist, rights to fit contact lenses, rights to fit special work glasses, rights to use diagnostic drugs, protective eyewear expert by Finnish Institute of Occupational Health.

Kristian has worked for Iris since November of 2005. In his free time he spends time with family and friends, behind the computer, behind percussion instruments and always rides his bike. Kristian makes repairing spectacle frames look easy and is the company’s IT support person.

Noora Paavola, optometrist AMK, contact lenses fitting rights, rights to fit special work glasses.

Noora is a teacher in early childhood pedagogy (kindergarten teacher) to her second profession and the latest addition to our team. She likes to consume all kinds of culture, especially theater and concerts. Noora is a child-loving fan of flowers who has a happy hippie inside her and is also a Provinssirock veteran. Noora keeps her colleagues’ minds alert by constantly rearranging the frames. Noora does not like bike cycling, but if she could swim to work, Noora would be like a fish in water.